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Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade

The Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade is a survival knife that you’ll want to bring along with you for an outdoor adventure and one that you’ll be eager to show off to your camping buddies. This knife can be compared to the Trail Master Bowie. The black blade is 7 ½ inches long and is made out of SK-5 high carbon. You will like the thickness of this blade, its shape and handle as well. This knife measures 12 ½ inches overall.

Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade Review:

4.6 average customer rating was given to this best survival knife. There were less than 15 who reviewed this item. 85% of the customers gave it a high score of 5 while 7% of them scored it 4 and 1 respectively.

Many reviewers noted that this knife could almost do everything. One reviewer who had this knife for a couple of years already mentioned that he was able to make a hole in the wall as well as skin a whitetail deer. This reviewer also liked the fact that the steel was made out of carbon which made it easier to sharpen. His hands sweat but were able to grip the handle well. Another customer, who after doing some research, decided to buy this knife and was pleased at the quality. He has been able to use this to chop wood and splitting them too. A customer reported that this made a good throwing knife as well. He also likes the sheath. Although this knife may be a little bit expensive for some, some of the reviewers assured other customers that it’s worth the money and that they will not be dismayed at their purchase. Videos over the internet can help show you what else this knife can do. A satisfied customer stated that this was indeed a survival knife which can perform different functions.

A couple of the reviewers thought that the sheath wasn’t very good in securing this knife. One reviewer mentioned that the sheath wouldn’t bite the knife hard enough; it wasn’t held in strongly. Also one reviewer thought that maybe the Kraton handle will not hold up after awhile. The person who scored this the lowest score of 1 did not like it since his knife came in wherein the edge went beyond the grip. He found this to be very dangerous as a user. In addition, he also noted that the knives were made in Taiwan and not in the United States.

This is a survival knife that we believe will serve the purposes that you need. It’s a good knife to have at home for some heavier duties than usual and it’s also a great knife to take with you when you leave the comforts of your house. This can handle heavy tasks such as chopping wood, meat, and more. We believe that this knife comes with great value and it will be one that you can’t live without.