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Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath

The Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath under OK8627 is a simple knife with its plain edge with its black texture powder coat finish. This survival knife is sharp looking with it 4.75 inch blade that is made out 1095 carbon steel. It has a cordura nylon sheath that you can carry it with that was finished just like the blade. The handle is made out of micarta in the color foliage green. The overall measurement of this knife is 10.75 inches.

Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath Review:

With only 5 customers who reviewed this, it earned an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5. The highest score is 5 which 40% of the customers voted for. This is likewise with score 4. Only 20% gave it a score of 3.

This best survival knife is a good one to take with you on a camping trip as noted by one reviewer. It can be multifunctional. This reviewer liked it because it is durable and has a nice edge. He mentioned that it is pretty heavy; however this aspect can be ignored in lieu of the fact that it is compact. The handle was also noted to be very strong describing it to be good enough to break a bone. Others also liked the finish of it. Another reviewer reported that this knife was as good as an expensive one for its performance.

Some customers had issues with this best survival knife. For one customer, he felt that the sheath wasn’t good in securing the knife. This reviewer went on to say that it would have been better if it was made out of Kydex and had a MOLLE feature. He also expected it to have a wire cutter since it’s a survival knife. It was for these reasons stated that this reviewer gave it a lower score of 4. The customer who gave it a score of 3 was dissatisfied with the sheath also. His sheath made noises which meant that the knife didn’t fit well. He also complained that the sheath was made out of cheap plastic. He was so disappointed that he doesn’t plan on buying any more knives from this company.

If you’re looking for a simple knife that can serve multiple functions, this is a recommended knife. We believe that its materials will be durable and quality to take with you on your family camping trip which makes a great survival knife. Though there were some unsatisfied customers due to its sheath, it may just have been coincidental; it is important that you give more focus to the knife if you’re looking for a sturdy knife that you can depend on. And it doesn’t need to just be a knife to bring with you while you’re out. It will be able to tackle some household chores as well. Thus, we believe that this product will be able to fulfill your needs and recommend it.