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The Ultimate Guide For The Butterfly Knife Enthusiast

Butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong and sometimes called a Batangas knife, is a folding knife with two handles that counter-rotate around the tang (pivoting joint base of blade). When the knife is in the closed position it is concealed within the handles.

The name “butterfly” or “Fan Knife” was derived from the motion and the “click clack” Sound they make when opening and closing them.

A Balisong knife is most commonly purchased as a collectors item or for use in martial arts training. When in the hands of a trained user, the blade can be swung open quickly with one hand. Knife tricks called “flipping” or “fanning” are performed for artistic purposes or just for the fun of it.

Balisong Knife Construction
There are two most common types of balisong knives, the “Sandwich Construction” and the “Channel Construction.” A brief description of both types:

  • Sandwich Construction – A sandwich constructed knife is assembled in several layers that are attached with pins or screwed together. When the knife is in the closed position it will rest between the layers.
  • Channel Construction – With a channel constructed knife, each handle is made of a solid piece of material and the blade rest in a milled groove. this type of construction is considered to be much stronger than a sandwich constructed knife.

Finding a Knife That Meets Your Needs

Below I have created an interactive comparison chart of some of the best Butterfly knives on the market. This chart will help you in determining what knife is best for your needs. Included in the chart are a variety of brands with price ranges that should accommodate anyone’s budget. When purchasing a quality knife, you need to gather all the information needed to make an informed and appropriate buying decision.

The following Ultimate Knife Comparison Guide, will help you find the perfect knife for you or a gift for someone special.

There are two different charts below, the first is of high quality knives of a higher price range. and the second is a comparison chart of less expensive balisong trainer knives.

Ultimate Knife Comparison Guide and Key

Included in the Comparison chart matrix are 8 columns:

  • Knife pictures – (click image to view more or enlarge)
  • Knife brand – Manufacturer product name/model
  • Overall Length – Combined handle and blade length in inches.
  • Blade Length – inches
  • Handle – Handle Material, length or any other information regarding the handle.
  • Blade Material – the metal used in the blade
  • Price – The prices given in this chart are from Prices will change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. So the price chart is listed as follows: $ = under $50, $$ = $50 to $100, $$$ = $100 to $200, $$$$ = $200+
  • Rating – The average user rating on As with any reviewed product, a rating can help you in deciding whether it is worth the money invested.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier

Butterfly Comparison Chart

If you are a beginner and are looking for the best Balisong Trainer Knife Check out our Trainer Comparison Knife Chart

The Knives above are only a few of the great balisong knives on the market today. These comparison charts are intended to give you a look at some of the more popular brands and styles. Make sure to bookmark this site and visit us frequently to read our future knife reviews and other related products.

Reviews of Our Top 5 Butterfly knife picks

All of the knives mentioned above are great quality knives for there price range and what ever knife you may choose should do just fine for your individual needs. However, We wanted to include a list of our favorites. Below you will find our top 5 picks for overall quality and ratings.

Benchmade Bali-Song with Spring Latch (51 Morpho Bali-song)

Benchmade is one of the premier knife manufactures that has been producing high quality products since 1990 in Clackamas, Oregon (originally founded in California in 1988). Initially they only produces balisong knives but now have a wide assortment of knife styles and accessories.
The “Benchmade Bali-song with Spring Latch” knife is a thing of beauty. The construction and materials are top notch, comprised of an anodized jeweled blue titanium liner with grips covered with contoured skeletonized black G10 handles. G10 is hardened fiberglass reinforced with resin, making the material resistant to moisture or water. The anodized blue titanium belt clip can be removed if the user wishes. The blade is D2 steel, air hardened tool steel resistant to wear and is corrosion resistant.

The 51 Morpho Bali-song has a blade length of 4.25″ and a blade thickness of 0.100″, the blade style is Crown Modified SPear-Point. With a light weight of only 3.30oz this knife has an incredible balance and feel. The overall length is 9.35″ with a closed length of 5.40″

It is important to note that the spring latch on the 51 Morpho is much easier to open then the Model 42. the latch has a dome shape which makes it easier to flip up and the latch does not make contact with the blade’s tip. The latch is located on the bite handle (Batangas-style) and there is a guard at the base of the latch.

63 Benchmade Bali-Song Bowie

63 Benchmade Bali-Song Bowie
With a 5 star rating, this balisong knife is one of the best made, highest quality craftsmanship and top notch stainless steel that should last many lifetimes.
This knife is suited for a knife collector that appreciates high quality. Made of all stainless steel with a weight of 6.39oz, the 63 Bowie is considered heavy, so if you are looking for a light weight knife for the novice handler of balisongs, this might not be for you. However, if you want a beautifully handcrafted collectors Bali knife, good luck finding anything better.

The Benchmade 63 model is a Bowie version of the Benchmade model 62, so if you are familar with the 62, the only difference is it features a Bowie style blade, similar to the discontinued 43 model. learn more about the 62 and 63 model balisongs below in our next pick.

Benchmade 62 Balisong Knife

benchmade 62 Balisong Knife

And of course if we like the Benchmade 63 model, its no surprise that the 62 model would be in our top 5 as well. As mentioned previously, the 62 and 63 models are overall the same knife. With the only difference in the blade styles. The Benchmade 62 features a Weehawk styled blade that is secured to the handles with screw-head pivot-pins, this will give you the option of changing out the blade if you want. The pins have been heat-treated and are larger than previous models, so removing them without damaging them will be easier. The handle latch also uses a torx-head pivot screw, so if preferred this can be removed as well.

The handles are skeletonized cast stainless steel which make them very strong and are weighted for balance. The t-latch lock features a more pronounced contour for improved grip. As with the Benchmade 63, this knife is also heavier than some may like, that is if weight is an issue to you.

Based on overall ratings, Knife quality and the reputation of the maker. the Benchmade Balisong 62 model is one of the best Butterfly’s that anyone could own. The 62 model has an overall length of 9.20 inches and a blade length of 4.25″, weighing in at 6.39oz If you are a balisong fan and you are looking for simple function, basic form and quality craftsmanship, then this knife is definitely for you.

Spyderco B02GP Smallfly Butterfly Knife

Spyderco B02GP Smallfly Butterfly Knife

Now this is a cool looking knife, I love the lines and the look of the skeletonized handles. This butterfly features a smaller than normal blade of only 3″, but the blade has a unique shape (style) to it. The blade is a plain edge flat ground 154CM stainless steel. The handles are also a stainless steel with a black G-10 overlay. The latch is spring loaded for quick opening and a 4-way position tip-up clip.
Another great feature on this knife is its Elongated handles which modify the smalfly’s center of balance compared to traditional balisong knives. The added length gives you a unique feel of control when swinging or manipulating it. This knife also comes with Foliage Green colored handles (see chart above)

62T Bali-Song Trainer Knife

62T Bali-Song Trainer Knife

If you like the Bechmark Model 62 balisong knife, but lack the skills required to safely swing or manipulate the knife. You can practice your flipping, twirls, aerials or any other move without the fear of slicing your hands or fingers by using the Benchmade Model 62T Trainer balisong. This knife is the safe, but still stylish version of the popular classic 62 bali. No need to worry about damaging the blade either. The 62T features a red Cerakoted 440C un-sharpened blade that is joined with the same quality machined stainless steel handles and the t-latch lock found on the live version. It’s blade length, weight and action are identical to the real thing. So if you buy or already have a 62 and don’t want to take a chance of damage to it or yourself than this is a great practice trainer knife for a beginner Trickster.

A lot of the trainers you will find on the market today will not have the quality and/or durability that will be found in the 62T Model. It is always a good idea to have a trainer knife when learning new tricks. Whether you are a beginner or a novice bali user, learning new tricks can be very dangerous and having a trainer knife that is virtually the same as the real thing, minus the sharp blade of course, will help you to make an easy transition to the live version.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Well, I hope that this has helped you identify the best Butterfly Knife for you and your individual needs. Now that you have gone through the options above and our top 5 picks you should have a better idea what knife fits your needs. As you may know, the Knife industry comes out with new knife models and new features all the time. So, bookmark this page for updates to our comparison charts. Or better yet, become a follower of our RSS Feed.