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Top 5 Hunting Knife Brands

The purpose of buying a hunting knife is not limited to protecting oneself from the threat of animals. It can be used for multiple uses, including field processing the animals, safeguarding in adverse situations and acting as multiple hunting tools. While there are hundreds of popular hunting knife brands available in the market, not all are as good as some. Hence, it is imperative to choose a brand that serves all this purpose and for this, the top 5 hunting knife brands are listed here based on their popularity:

1: Buck Knives: Buck can easily be regarded as a pioneer of the custom hunting knives. With more than a century of experience in the field of knife making, this brand gives a 4-ever’ warranty on its knives and is made with the best technology, and superior quality material combined together to make a great product. The price ranges lie right from $25 to $210 and different knives are available in various weights, shapes and sizes.

2: Morakniv: This Sweden based knife brand is popular all over the World. Made with the traditional Scandanavian approach, the Morakniv brand is manufactured by the company Mora of Sweden that has been formed after a 2005 merger between KJ Eriksson and Frost Knife Factory. They are a specialist of making fixed blade knives, and their product lies in the range of $10 to $500.

3: Ka-Bar Knives: Cutco Corporation’s subsidiary Ka-Bar knife manufactures high resistant, strong and anti-corrosion knives especially custom-made for the purpose of hunting and has been doing it since 1898. Even though the brand is more famous for its extensive range of military knives, it has left no stone unturned in producing the finest quality hunting knives as well. As put up well by the brand’s official website, a customer says how he can manage a week without boots, but not without his Ka-Bar hunting knife! The knives are available right from $12 to $150 and are extremely affordable.

4: Spyderco: This brand is fast making its name in the world of Hunting knives. With various hunting knives listed in their catalog at affordable prices, the company has revolutionized the way in which knives are made and has, over the years, launched several hunting knives lauded well by the users.

5: Kershaw Knives: Kershaw, even though it comes fifth in the list is one of the leading brands of hunting knife makers in the World. These are the reasons for its popularity:

  • Only the top-quality raw materials are used to make the knives that ensure a superior product.
  • The technology used is of the most advanced level and has won various awards.
  • The company has committed to innovate better techniques, and this is the reason why they tend to come up with new and better products every time.
  • They specialize in hunting knives, and the range of their product lies from$8 to $350 making it an absolutely affordable product.
Buck Knives

Image by The Marmot

These top 5 hunting knife brands are the best when it comes to providing a superior quality product at a great price. Available in various shapes, sizes and colors, these brands are trustworthy and reliable and one can choose knives without having any second thought.