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Best Hunting Knife For Your Budget | Choose Now

There is a wide selection of hunting knives available in the market today that will suit every budget and need. The difference in prices depends on each knife’s features, its material and quality. A good knife can be gauged by the following:

· Type of blade

· Quality of the handle

· Versatility

· Durability

The first consideration when shopping for the best hunting knife for the money involves the quality of the blade. Typically, a blade made of stainless steel will cost more than a blade made of carbon steel. Generally, lightweight blades should be avoided, for they do not hold edges well and they usually have poor handle attachment.

When it comes to handles, rough wooden ones are cheaper than those made of bone, especially if the construction is finely detailed.

There are different kinds of hunting knives available because any given custom hunting knife is made for a specific purpose. Large knives are used for purposes that are not appropriate for small ones.

Various features differentiate one knife’s utility from another. One should take into consideration if the knife will be utilized for preparing meals, cutting vegetation or to be used as protection from wild animals.

When buying the best hunting knife for the money, it is best to consider its features, its price and its quality. A good hunting knife should be durable, must be versatile and if possible, be lightweight. It should be viewed as a long-term investment.

When it comes to combining quality and affordability, three knives come to mind. These are among the finest choices available today representing the various features a good knife should have while maintaining a low price. These are:

knife for your budget

        • KaBar Mule Field Folding Knife
  • Magnum Elk Hunting Knife
  • SOG SealPup Elite Hunting Knife

KaBar Mule Field Folding Knife

This is a good survival knife that is easy on the pocket. It is durable and has the traditional lock-back feature which makes a knife sheath unnecessary. This mechanism also lets the user open the knife single-handedly.

This foldable knife has a total length of nine inches, with the blade having a length of three and one-fourth inches. The blade is composed of stainless high-grade steel. Some models have a black teflon coating.

The handle is made of Zytel (industry-strength) with Kraton inserts that facilitate an ergonomic use. This is the best folding hunting knife that fits the budget.

Magnum Elk Hunting Knife

This knife is ideal for camping, hunting and fishing. It has an outstanding ergonomic design, featuring a no-slip grip supporting a durable, four and one-third-inch stainless steel blade.

The entire length is eight and a half inches, making it ideal for chopping campfire wood as well as cutting wood for use in makeshift shelters.

SOG SealPup Elite Hunting Knife – Best Hunting Knife for the Money

This survival knife is durable and sleek. Its blade is also composed of stainless steel, with options for black-oxide finishing or TiNi coating. It is a very affordable high-quality hunting knife, suitable for most outdoor purposes and uses.

For peace of mind outdoors, this is the best survival knife available on the market. It is the best option even if it is not as cheap as the first two (with Magnum Elk being the cheapest of the three). It is handy, versatile, and quite frankly, indispensable when going out into the wild unknown.

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