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Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife on the Market 2016 with Reviews

A knife refers to a handheld tool with a cutting blade. Majority of the modern day knives are either folding or fixed blade knives with the blade styles and patterns varying from their countries of origin and makers. The best fixed blade hunting knife is designed for various applications which include but not limited to survival knives, combat knives, throwing knives, boot knives, hunting knives and many others. An excellent knife is one that is made from high quality steel. It is worth noting that both stainless and carbon steels are acceptable if they are alloyed properly and treated with heat. The knife’s blade should be very tough and hold an edge. However, the blade should not be too tough until it is brittle.

Great features

These types of knives are among the most famous and iconic knives worldwide. It is worth noting that the buck knives 0119 fixed blade hunting knife comes with a six inch blade, which is made of steel that gives it an exceptional edge retention and sharpness. This knives’ handle is made using a black phenol, and comes with aluminum guard and pommel. Other features associated with this excellent knives include but not limited to absence of belt clip, one blade, open length of ten inches, black leather sheath, black or silver handle’s color, fine blade edge among others.


The buck knives 0119 comes with a handle made of black phenol, and features aluminum guard and pommel. It is worth noting that the synthetic material provides the handle with great stability, hence can offer secure grip and withstand bad weather conditions in a safe way. This product is also reasonably priced, hence many people can afford it. The Bucks knives 0119 model also comes with a non-limited warranty. Additionally, this product is among the best rated hunting Knives on amazon with many positive reviews, and is currently rated at four point eight out of five.


The buck knives 0119 is not really a survival knife as it is labeled, instead it should be labeled as a hunting knife. Again, its handle is a bit heavy, hence may not be comfortable in some people’s hand. It is also worth noting that this knife’s handle can be slightly slippery in case it is wet. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that the sheath for this knife is made in the United States of America, hence making it less desirable among some people who prefer American made products.

Some tips for you when using this product

Maintenance of buck knives 0119 sharp blade means you can execute your cut with least effort ever. Therefore, it ensures safe and precise work. The use of an excessive force on bunt knife blade is the common cause of damage to capes and self-inflicted knife wounds. It is important to consider wiping with the use of an oily rag after sharpening and cleaning. Doing this helps in protecting the blade of your knife from corrosion and rust. Even though stainless knives such as Buck knives 0119 are highly resistant to rust, it is worth keeping in mind that neglecting them will still result to their discoloration. It is important to always use this knife for good purpose, not for harming others without good and justified reasons. Buck knives 0119 should also be kept away from children so as to avoid incidences children cutting themselves while playing with it.


Buck knives is the first Knife manufacturer in America that ensures the creation of top quality Hunting knives, combat knives and many other small pocket knife models that anyone would desire to have. Buck knives 0119 model is a great knife that comes with excellent features and many advantages. For instance, this types of knives have the size advantage, in the sense that, even a small fixed blade hunting knife will still be heavier and longer compared to a folding knife model. Therefore, they are best suited for hard working considering the fact that a longer length allows for a greater leverage when prying, as well as additional range when hunting and in self-defense. It is important to always consider choosing the best fixed blade hunting knife so as to enjoy many benefits of having a quality and most trusted product in the market.