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The Best Survival Knife in the World: We Reveal Our Choice

The best survival knife in the world should be summed up as follows; reliable, strong, durable and able to take serious abuse. In a real life survival setting, one needs to be able to depend on their knife for any task imaginable, as well as those one might not imagine until faced with such a task. Because of this, only the finest of knives should be considered among the best of the best.

But Which Knife is the Best Survival Knife in the World?

To answer this we should take a look at a possible worst case scenario.

1. You are stranded with no hope of rescue.
2. You only have your knife and a few other basic tools, if any at all.
3. You are subjected to major changes in both humidity and temperature.

So, what we need is a fixed blade, which is able to withstand long term exposure, strong and thick enough to be used to split wood and construct shelters. It also must be able to hold an edge for very long periods of time, in order to clean game and hunt with. It wouldn’t be a negative if the handle and guard of the knife could be lashed to a wood stick in order to make a spear to hunt with, if need be.

Our Choice is the Cold Steel Trail Master

Cold Steel Trail Master Black Kraton Handle
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With all this in mind, the Cold Steel Trail Master would be the optimum choice in such a scenario. It’s O-1 high carbon steel blade has a length of 9 1/2”, and features a modified clip point blade, which is perfect for any kind of use one could imagine. Due to the full flat grind, this knife is both easy to sharpen, as well as easy to clean and highly efficient at slicing through material. Since it has a fine edge with an initial spine thickness of 5/16”, the Trail Master is an excellent wood chopping tool; a wedge capable of splitting any material you may need to.

The Best Survival Knife in the World Should Have More Than a Great Blade

The knife’s attractive features don’t simply end at a well made blade, but a brass guard and Kray-Ex handle, a rubberized grip whose texture will not slip from your hand, even when wet! Using the extreme grip of the guard as well as the brass hand guard, it would be easy to lash the knife to a stick to make a spear, as well as enhancing the overall grip of the knife when attempting close cuts to material which require special attention, such as creating feather sticks.

Another additional bonus to the excellent blade itself is the Secure-Ex sheath that the blade comes with. While most leather sheaths offer little to no retention unless secured with a snap or buckle, this hardened, high-density sheath is able to hold onto the Trail Master while inserted; one must apply force to either draw or sheath the knife, making it falling from your pack or hip nearly impossible during travel.

Overall, I choose the Cold Steel Trail Master as the best survival knife in the world due to it’s basic blade shape, which is excellent for nearly every task one could tackle with a knife, as well as it’s materials and construction, all of which contribute to an excellent knife, world class.