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Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife Review

KA-BAR Knives, like most other products have an interesting story behind their origin. This story is rooted to a time when several English blade smiths from a leading cutlery production center at Sheffield gathered and openly defied rules and regulations of their guild. They then moved on to the Northeastern America, set up a shop and started making a superior quality of cutlery, way beyond what an ordinary American knew at that time.


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Good quality products always appeal to consumers and so after a while their cutlery generated such a high demand that thirty eight members of that group came together and formed a Limited Partnership under the name Tidioute Cutlery Company. In many ways this Partnership is widely thought to be official start or foundation of KA-BAR Knives, Inc. 

Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife

The quality of craftsmanship used in making Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife today is not in any way different from the handmade original knives and features a full length of approximately 14 inches. Its clip-point blade measures 9 3/8 inches and is made using a 3/16 inch thick, 1095 Cro_Van, high carbon, tool steel that is hardened up to fifty six to fifty eight Rockwell.


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This blade also has a jagged or saw-like spine and features a plain sharp cutting edge along with Saber Grind. A black epoxy powdered coat has also been added to assist the non stainless part to combat the effects of corrosion. Over and above this the handle is made with a partial tang assembly that has a very ergonomic, overly molded oval handle having a Kraton rubber coating.

Its steel pommel and quill ions are also coated with powder. Last though not least, this knife also comes with rather strong leather sheath. If you have been looking around for a Big sturdy Bowie knife, then your long search definitely ends here. This is the exact knife you’ve been searching. As you might have noted in my earlier writing, I tend to appreciate or lean more towards the classic Bowie pattern when in need of knives for survival in the wilderness. This is mainly because it serves well in two purposes; first as a dedicated chopping instrument and then as a blade shape for general purposes.

Actually given the immense 9 3/8 inch done from Cro-Van which is 0.165 inches thick it has 0.25% Nickel, 0.30% – 0.50% Manganese, 0.40% – 0.60% Chromium, 0.60% Molybdenum, 0.161% Vanadium and 0.90% – 1.10% Carbon. This knife – KA-BAR Kraton Handled Big Brother Bowie – isn’t just designed well, but it’s more than that. It is excellently built for heavy duty usage because the 1095 Cro-van material is really tough.

Owing to the presence of Molybdenum and Chromium, it is clearly tougher than 1095. The presence of Nickel and Chromium even makes it stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Vanadium is another very important addition because it refines the steel grain structure thereby enabling it to grip well a fine edge like that of stainless steel without showing the brittleness like one exhibited by certain stainless steel. 


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Even though the KA-BAR Big Brother Bowie is usually made to meet the specific purpose of survival in the wilderness, it is such a superb trail and camp knife. Additionally, its Clip Point blade shape puts the blade tip near the knife’s center for enhanced control when doing cutting tasks that call for precision.

The Clip Point Bowie design offers lots of straight edge cutting for slicing, plunge cutting , curving . The clip on its part lightens the knife’s tip to give you better control. On the sweep, the moderate belly is great for chopping as the Saber Grind keeps it from fastening in green wood. Note also that this blade’s spine features a rather long and jagged part that looks as though it can play the role of a saw. It would however be more successful at cutting a rope, a cord or nylon tape. Beyond this, the 3/16 inch spine when combined with a 56-58 medium Rockwell hardness makes it easier to for it to bear the shock that comes from chopping or/and splitting saplings by use of a baton. People do this to when making a self bow to use for hunting or an Atlatl. 

Apart from making a self bow for hunting, it can be used as the lateral force generated when splitting lathes to make baskets that are generally used for trapping birds or fish. The handle as well has double steel quill ions, and powdered coat which are useful in enhancing the grip to protect the person using from accidentally sliding ahead into the blade. Remember the highly ergonomic; and oval over- molded handle having a Kraton rubber coating?

This along with grooves of a deeply radiused nature renders this knife really enjoyable to use more so due to the comfort. It as well offers you a reliable grip while at the same time minimizing part of the shock that is generated out of chopping wood. The metal pommel can be serving as a temporary hammer. This knife is by all means an amazing innovation.


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Note here that the Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife is not only an aesthetically pleasant knife given its enormous classic shaped Clip Point Bowie blade, but it is such a sturdy knife as well. Most people who have used this knife speak well of it. It is a kind of knife that can virtually handle any outdoor survival assignments. It fits quite well in the users hand and remains sharp even after serving as a hatchet. Like all other tools you need to keep this knife well maintained for it to last long. Clean the blades well after use and always keep it safely in its sheath when not in use. 

There are knife enthusiasts who have been obsessed with Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife. In fact one has reviewed saying they have been collecting and keeping a Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife since the Vietnamese war. It’s a big knife yes but made in such a way that you’ll enjoy the grip and feel really good about the balance. Its good grip is especially helpful to those who struggle with sweaty hands while camping or any other place. On your next trip to a game park, camping or picnic make sure you get yourself a Ka-Bar Kraton Handled Big Brother Knife.