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The TOPS Machete .170 Review

TOPS Knives are specially crafted tools that are made according to the knowledge and experience of real operators coming from different backgrounds such as outdoor professions, martial arts, law enforcement and the military. As a result, TOPS knives are specially designed tools that play a critical role in extreme conditions. 

Picture of the TOPS Machete .170

TOPS Machete .170

TOPS .170 Survival Machete Model MAC-170

The TOPS Machete .230 was a huge hit and due to persistent demand from its loyal customers for a smaller and lighter variant, the TOPS Machete .170 was created. This new addition to the Machete line measures 17 1/4 inches in total length and it has a blade the follows the Bolo shape which is 10 inches long and has a thickness of 1/8 inch. The blades is made from 1095 High Carbon, which is known for long-lasting sharpness, which scores 56-58 on the Rockwell hardness scale. 

Apart from that, the handle of the TOPS Machete .170 has linen Micarta slabs finished in ash grey. A ballistic nylon sheath comes with the package. However, people living in different countries in the tropical regions have made machetes of various types depending on the plants and trees found in their environment. The natives have found ways to improve and develop these machetes for hundreds of years. In other words, machetes have evolved into different styles and designs depending on how and where they are used. 

Aside from that, these people have always considered these multi-function machetes as necessary tools for their daily lives. As such, the owners see their specialized machetes as prized possessions. As an example, the machete is a multi-purpose tool which is used to clear a path through undergrowth and rain forest, harvest crops, build houses and shelters and it also works as a camp knife for a great number of chores in the home especially in the kitchen.

Tops Knives Machete 230

Tops Knives Machete 230 with Ballistic Nylon with 2 Bellows Pockets MAC-230 USA

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Because of its great versatility, many clients have requested for a machete that is light in weight, fast, practical, and designed for general use and they also wanted it to have a bigger, functional and comfortable handle. As a result Leo Espinoza, aka The Lion, and Joe Flowers, aka Shangoman, put their heads together to come up with a design for a new machete. Espinoza is a TOPS shop manager while Flowers is a popular writer, outdoorsman and designer. 

After a long discussion, The Lion and Shangoman came to an agreement on the upcoming machete’s design and ability in the field. And the TOPS Machete .170 was born. 

The product of insistent popular demand, the Machete .170 can be considered a mini Machete .230, having almost the same handle as well as capabilities; the only difference being the 10 inch blade. The TOPS Machete .170 proved its superior field performance after rigorous testing in different yet equally challenging conditions. 

In addition, TOPS also designed a specially-made ballistic nylon sheath that features a separate accessory pocket, or flap and buckle closure, made for the purpose of holding a wide variety of small tools like a compass, firestick, whetstone, and others. 

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Hence, whether you are an avid explorer, a camper, or an outdoor survivalist, the Tops Machete .170 will make a very useful and powerful companion. Its 1095 high carbon blade is a great blade material for this kind of knife as it contains 0.30%-0.50% manganese and 0.90%-1.03% carbon. This means that the blade is made from a durable steel. 

However, blades of this type need a coating such as gun oil or any similar product so that they will not corrode. The .170 also features a hand-filling, ergonomic, black linen Micarta handle that is just as tough as the 1095 steel blade. The ballistic nylon sheath was specifically selected for the Tops Machete .170 because it does not absorb or hold moisture and it is also quick-drying. With a sheath like this plus the protective coating, you can be sure that the .170 will last for a long time. 

The TOPS Machete .170 is indeed an outstanding lightweight version of its standard size brothers. Actually this reminds me of the Blackjack Panga, a modern version of the traditional African bushman’s knife. Blackjack described its Panga as a high-speed razor because of its medium-length blade and thin cross section. The Machete .170 performs just as good as a Panga. 

Hence, the TOPS Machete .170 is the perfect partner for a large hunting knife or a smaller, dedicated outdoor survival knife.

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