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The Grasso Bolo II Survival Knife Review


The Grasso Bolo II Survival Knife –The Perfect Wilderness Companion For All Your Cutting and Defense Needs

Whether you live in the Amazon, Himalayas or the jungles of Africa, a survival knife is one of the most important tools that you can literally not do without. This is because apart from the defense boost that it gives you, this type of knife has multi-purpose applications. It comes in handy virtually everywhere you need cutting, chopping or slicing.

Every community has its own definition of survival knives. Ranging from large and heavy duty styled knives to rugged and serrated edge swords; these knives play a crucial role. It is on this premise that Bark River Knives unveiled the Grasso Bolo II.

This is a survival knife whose design was finalized in January 2012 by Mike Grasso and Mike Stewart. It is the first in the Bolo Style designs.

About The Manufacturer

Bark River Knives formerly Bark River Knife & Tool is the face behind the Grasso Bolo II. It is a renowned family owned business which has gained reputation in the knife industry. It is run and managed by Mike Stewart who is competent and hands on in craftsmen training in the design and production of the knives. Mike Grasso who worked alongside Mike Stewart in the design and production of Grasso Bolo II is a knife enthusiast and an Honored member of the L.A.P.D. (The Los Angeles Police Department). The company is located in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan.

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Grasso Bolo II Features and Benefits

There are numerous features that make this type of knife the perfect companion for anyone living very close to nature or having an outdoor lifestyle. Each of these features has an attached benefit to the user.

Physical Dimensions and Blade Strength

The length of the knife is 14.675 inches while that of its drop point blade is 9.250 inches. The blade is made of 5160 steel which has a carbon content of 0.56% – 0.64%, chromium content of 0.7%-0.9% and manganese content of 0.75%-1%. This makes it one of the toughest knives. It also has a Rockwell Hardness of 57-58 Rockwell bolstered by the manganese component. It weighs 20 ounces.

Short Ricasso

The design of the ricasso makes the edge of the knife accessible to whetstone during sharpening while giving ample space for finger protection during cutting. The short ricasso also pushes the cutting portion forward thereby extending the cutting depth.

The Handle Construction

The full tang construction is the design employed in modern knives and is considered the strongest. This is because the wide tang makes the Grasso Bolo II resist bending and rough handling. The handle slabs are made of Micarta which is a composite material made of layers of wood, canvas or bonded paper. It is not only strong and durable but also never feels cold and it offers a comfortable grip. The impervious nature of the Micarta handle makes it work well in moist environments. It comes in a variety of colors such as black, orange and many others giving you a wide choice and preference.

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Recurved Edge and Flat Ground Bevel

The Grasso Bolo II survival knife has a non-parabolic curve which makes it easy to use. The recurve shape offers a perfect shearing action which improves the cutting edge of the knife. The curvature presents a changing angle to the material being cut while allowing you to maintain a locked wrist thereby enhancing the cutting efficiency. The sweep of the tip is a great feature useful when skinning animals.The flat ground bevel makes the knife edge easy to sharpen. Its structure also gives the knife the ability to slice objects and follow wood grains during wood working.

Heavy Duty-Leather Sheath

As opposed to other sheath materials such as kydex, leather is durable and aesthetic. When sliding in the knife and pulling it out from the sheath, it is quiet hardly makes any noise. Leather is generally dull and this gives it a natural camouflage in a variety of environments. With a leather sheath you can easily get a style throwback to the days of cowboys and ruggedness. It is simply irresistible, comfortable and balanced.


There are some minor setbacks that come with the Grasso Bolo II. One of them is the fact that the steel used in making this survival knife is not 100% non corrosive therefore you need to be careful that it doesn’t get rusty. However when compared to the 1095 steel used in the making of most knives today, 5160 is still the best.

The full tang construction makes the handle a little bit heavy to bear. This however is countered by the light nature of the attached slab materials. The recurved edge may be enhancing cutting efficiency but can give you difficulties when sharpening on a whetstone or flat area. To counter this, there are special sharpening tools that can do this perfectly well.


The Grasso Bolo II is the best modern survival knife available today. It combines the ruggedness of nature and the aesthetic appeal that makes you comfortable to hold it and walk around with it. It is also flexible and long lasting.