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Large Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife Review

The manufacture of KA-BAR Knives, with the great quality that we know them by today, started when certain disgruntled English Knife Makers hailing from Sheffield united in rebellion against the policy of their guild, shifted to North East America where they ambitiously put up a shop and set off making a high quality of cutlery that left the average American in awe and amazement.

Large Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife


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These gentlemen felt aggrieved and revolted against one of the leading cutlery production lines at that time. The quality of these entrepreneurs’ products endeared to users and the product demand shot up so high that thirty eight members from the group resolved to register a Limited Partnership that went by the name Triodioute Cutlery Company and this Partnership marked the official birth of KA-BAR Knives, Inc. 

The Large KA-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife

You may be wondering how this company arrived at adopting this name; well the name KA-BAR as it presently is was adopted from a 1900’s tribute written by an anonymous trapper who jotted a letter to KA-BAR expressing profound gratitude for helping him find another chance to live. In the letter, the trapper emotionally narrated an ordeal where he ran into a grizzly bear on rampage. Thank God he had a rifle but unfortunately after shooting the bear, his weapon jammed.

Large Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife


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The situation grew desperate and as beast charged, he lost all hope of ever seeing another day. As his hands subconsciously struggled around he discovered that he had a Bowie knife with which to defend himself. In a last attempt to save himself from the grizzly’s paw, the alarmed and hopeless trapper transferred all his energies in the hand that held the Bowie knife and somehow overcame beast. A while later after this experience, the man looked at his wounds and felt glad that he was alive.

He remembered the knife that saved him that very last minute and decided to write a letter testifying to the Bowie knife manufacturers how their product gave him a new lease of life. It wasn’t clear whether it due to the injuries he sustained or some other reason but the trapper’s words were scribbled in such a poor handwriting that the only letters that teamed up to make sense were “Ka bara”. For making effort to share his testimony the Management and board members at the Triodioute Cutlery Company graciously honored him by adopting the name KA-BAR as their main trademark. 

In keeping with their tradition the Large KA-BAR Heavy Bowie comes with an overall length of 14 1/4 inches with a 9 inch clip point blade forged from a ¼ inch thick 1085 carbon tool steel hardened to fifty five to fifty seven Rockwell. On top of this the blade has a flat grind having a powdered epoxy coat that is black in color which assists check the non stainless from the effects of wear and tear. The knife also has an exceedingly ergonomic Kraton handle and is given a long lasting leather sheath having 2 cordura nylon, retention straps and snap closure. 

Large Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife


>> Check out ratings and reviews for the Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife on Amazon <<

In my personal view, this model is perhaps one of the most fascinating knife products made by KA-BAR. It is a dedicated wildlife survival knife which by all accounts suits the job. The 9 inch is for example long and weighty enough to serve perfectly well as a dedicated chopping apparatus, yet the Bowie style clip point design is equally adaptable and resourceful since to the clip point puts the blade tip near the knife’s centerline for better control while using the knife’s tip to carry out meticulous cutting tasks.

Additionally the ¼ inch spine together with the 1085 high carbon steel, that is composed of 0.70% – 1.0% Manganese and 0.80% – 0.93% Carbon, having a rather less Rockwell Hardness of fifty five to fifty seven makes it possible for it to easily resist the shock caused by chopping and employing the services of the baton in splitting saplings to use while assembling an Atlatl and/or hunting self bows. It is also useful in regard to the lateral forces that result from splitting lathes that weave baskets for use when trapping birds or fish. 

Another great advantage we can’t fail to mention here is , non stainless steel are ordinarily easy to sharpen than a range of other stainless steels owing to the absence of the hard double carbide bonds that form when Molybdenum and Chromium forge. Note however that owing to the absence of Chromium corrosion is far more likely to affect this steel as compared to stainless steel. This basically means it calls for enhanced care & maintenance. This is where the black epoxy powder coat comes in.

Remember too that the flat grind created on the blade means a middle ground between Hollow grind extra cutting edge and the Saber Grind’s tough extra edge. It therefore makes it possible for the blade to get a keenly sharpened edge and for deeper biting purposes. It however doesn’t lean much towards serving as a chipping tool. Furthermore, its choil makes it possible for the user to sharpen its primary or basic edge all along to the back. The curved ricasso plays an important role as an essential quillion to help stop its user’s fingers from sliding on to the edge accidentally. 

Large Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife


>> Check out ratings and reviews for the Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie Knife on Amazon <<

The extremely ergonomic Kraton rubber handle along with its deepened radial grooves along with the birds head gives the user such a secure grip which to a large extend absorbs any shock and thus making this knife very comfortable to use over very long periods. Please note as well that the Large KA-BAR Heavy Bowie Knife is not only an aesthetically attractive knife with its conservatively shaped Clip Point Bowie blade but it is such a tough knife that will weather and withstand almost any task a user may have at hand during an outdoor survival circumstances.

The Large KA-BAR Heavy Bowie Knife is a tool that enjoys very positive reviews by almost all users. The Triodioute Cutlery Company is one that has been around for quite a while and has accumulated lots of goodwill. There are many brands currently available on the market and it all depends on what your purpose for the knife is. The large KA-BAR Heavy Bowie can be ordered from the company website or many other retail outlets. On your net adventure be it picnic or camping the large KA-BAR Heavy Bowie is the knife to carry.

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