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The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife Review

Kershaw Camp 10Kershaw Knives are known for their high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship and the Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife performs to our expectations.

Kershaw has made a name for itself for making excellent quality and durable tools. It does not matter whether the knife is a kitchen knife, a pocket knife or a special collectors’ edition, each and every knife bears the stamp of the quality and craftsmanship of Kershaw.

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Kershaw Knives began its journey in 1974 and has since been manufacturing knives using state of the art techniques and high quality materials. The buyers of Kershaw knives are assured of their lifetime performance.

The Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife Review

This particular knife from Kershaw comes with a blade 10 inches in length and the overall length of knife is 16 inches. It comes with a drop point design. The steel used is 65 Mn high carbon tool steel. The blade also features a recurve edge with Saber Grind. The blade is powder coated which makes it corrosion resistant and which is also responsible for its black color finish.

The handle of this knife is designed ergonomically which makes it easy to hold the knife for an extended period of time. It also comes with a textured Kraton rubber coating. The heavy duty sheath is made of Nylon/Kydex. It features a full tang design.

Kershaw 1077 Camp 10

The drop point design is not seen very often in such a heavy duty and large knife meant for camping but this design works in this case as it effectively complements the recurve edge. This design makes the Kershaw Camp 10 an effective knife for cutting saplings, tree limbs and clear woody branches for creating a campsite.

The recurve design coupled with weight forward blade and blade length of 10 inches makes this knife something of a cross between an Indian Kukri and a Malaysian Golok. Some people also call this a shorter version of a Turkish Aataghan or a Greek Kopis. This knife comes with a Saber grind finish with a high primary bevel line. This finish gives the knife an edge between tough and sharp which helps it in cutting deep into the green wood without bending easily.

The steel used for manufacturing the blade is 65Mn Chinese steel. This high carbon, tough steel is composed of the following metals:

  • Carbon content of 0.62% to 0.70%
  • Manganese content of 0.90% to 1.20%
  • Silicon content of 0.17% to 0.37%

This composition makes the steel equivalent to SAE 1065. The steel has good impact resistance but is relatively soft. The lower carbon content does not allow this steel to hold an edge for long as compared to the SAE 1095 steel. Due to this, the edge of the blade will need to be retouched every now and then.

The excellent cutting power of this knife comes from its design. The positive included angle of the recurve cutting edge and the distended belly make it possible. There is also a tiny ricasso included in the knife which makes it very easy to hold. This ricasso at the back of the cutting edge also results in greater control while carving.

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The handle of the Kershaw Camp 10 fixed blade knife has a hand filling design. The knife also comes with integrated quillion which help in keeping the fingers of the users safe from the sharp edge by preventing accidental slippage. The handle is covered with Kraton rubber coating which provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions. There is also a lanyard hole in the pommel and bolster which makes knife retention easy in both wet and cold conditions.

The sheath supplied with this knife is made of molded Kydex. This material is abrasion resistant and remains good even in difficult weather conditions. This sheath also looks really good as it comes with a heavy duty nylon suspension system.

All of the above mentioned features make the Kershaw Camp 10 Knife the perfect choice for a camping and trail knife. It will perform equally well as part of a dedicated survival knife system when combined with a smaller knife (Kershaw Diskin Hunter would be an excellent choice).

There is only one thing which the users need to worry about and that is the non stainless steel. Since it can corrode comparatively easy when compared to a blade made of stainless steel, the cutting edge will need higher maintenance and care.

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