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Bark River Knife & Tool 387MAI Golok Review

Bark River GolokThe Bark River Knife Company was started by Mike Stewart, a veteran Knife smith. It is based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There are many skilled knife smiths in the company, trained by Mike Stewart, who work hard to make some of the best known knives today.

Bark River Knife & Tool 387MAI Golok with Antique Ivory Micarta Handles

This particular knife from Bark River has been inspired from Indonesian and Malaysian knife designs.

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Traditionally, the knives in these south-east Asian countries tend to be slimmer, shorter and heavier and look very similar to a machete. There are also designs such as parang and bolo which are preferred in areas with heavier vegetation. These heavy, weight forward designs are perfect for chopping of thicker vegetation in such areas.

The blade of the BRK Golok knife is made of 57 Rockwell hardness, A2 non-stainless steel. It is 0.187 inches thick and 11.25 inches long. Overall length of the knife is 16.75 inches.

Blade point of the knife can be chosen from a wide variety of designs. Whether you prefer a clip point or a trailing point or a drop point or a seax point or a standard point, all of these designs are available. In addition to the drop points, Bark River also offers a wide variety of options in the handle slab materials. The varieties include Micarta, exotic hardwoods, Burl woods and many others.

The handle of this knife has been designed ergonomically which makes it easier to hold and user does not feel any pain while holding this knife for a long time. It comes with a straight edge which has a mild positive forward angle. The bevel is completely flat and it also has a short ricasso. The handle also comes with a hook on the back and an integral quillion and on the front side. The hook on the backside helps in retaining the grip while chopping. It features a full tang construction.

The blade is slim and long which makes the knife useful for a variety of different tasks. The lighter tip and slimmer profile make this knife work like a miniature machete. Therefore, this knife is perfect for comparatively lighter chopping and slicing tasks. It does not perform that good for comparatively medium and heavy chopping tasks. Overall, this knife can be described as a high speed razor.

In other words, this Bark River Golok Knife can be compared to the extremely useful bush knife. It can be used for cutting saplings for building shelters, splitting saplings for lathes, carving notches in sticks, and as draw knife for creating flat surfaces in addition to many other things. It is more of a mini machete which is comparatively lighter and easier to handle.

If you want to build a complete wilderness survival knife system, then the Bark River Golok knife combined with a smaller knife (BRK Fox River Series) will make a perfect combination as both of these knives combined are fit for almost any task one needs to perform in the wild.

Blade Material of the BRK 387MAI Golok

The blade is made from carbon rich, A2 non stainless steel. This blade has a Rosewell hardness of 57. The high quality steel metal is made of following elements:

  • Molybdenum content of 0.90%.
  • Nickel content of 0.30%.
  • Carbon content of 0.95% to 1.05%
  • Chromium content of 4.75% to 5.5%.
  • Vanadium content of 0.15% to 0.50%.

The presence of these elements makes this steel highly corrosion resistant especially for non stainless steel. Molybdenum combines with chromium to form strong, durable carbide bonds. These bonds make this steel abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Manganese helps in increasing the toughness of steel. It also makes it hard whereas nickel provides strength. The element vanadium helps in production of fine grain during the heat treatment.

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It is not clear from the website of the BRK the type of sheath supplied with this particular knife. It won’t be wrong to assume that they will supply a high quality leather sheath as they do with their other high quality knives.

As far as having a complete wilderness survival kit in terms of knives, it is safe to assume that the complete system is made up of more than one knife as a single knife does not serve all the purposes. Therefore, it is recommended to combine different knives such as the Golok knife with the Fox River models to build a complete system.

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Bark River Knife & Tool 387MAI Golok with Antique Ivory Micarta Handles

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