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Finally a Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Review

schrade extreme survival knife review

Writing This Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Review Convinced Me to Add a Blade To My Collection

This Schrade Extreme Survival Knife review focuses on the extremely well made SCHF9 model knife, which is an inexpensive knife that somehow manages to beat out knives twice it’s asking price! So, what’s so great about this knife? Well, it features krayton handles screwed on to a 1095 high carbon steel, full tang blade.

That’s it! A simple knife designed to be a dependable tool, with little complexity to muddle up the function of the knife. While others may be disappointed by the lack of bells and whistles, one should consider what’s possible with a knife like this; the KA-BAR is made of the same durable material, with very similar edge geometry and handle materials not much more expensive to manufacture.

Likewise, 1095 high carbon steel is featured in knives that cost much, much more, including custom knives. So, let’s take a close look at this Schrade Extreme Survival Knife review.

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife with Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath
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First off, let’s examine the blade steel. 1095 high carbon steel is part of a series which is highly regarded for it’s edge holding capabilities, as well as it’s durability when considering impact resistance and edge retention. Because this steel is also commonly produced, heat-treatment is also easily optimized. Because of this, the life of the edge retention is extended considerably, which also enhances the overall life of the knife.

Needing to be resharpened less often than knives utilizing stainless steel, this is the first of many positive attributes for the SCH9F. Another would be the scandi grind it has, which makes it excellent for hammering and wedging through materials such as wood. The 1/4” thick spine of the knife offers reassurance when considering the overall durability of the 6 1/2” blade, while the drop point blade offers impressive stability while working the knife in multiple ways.

Besides the optimal blade steel, the Schrade Extreme Survival knife is coated in a very durable powder coating, which resists against scrapes and general wear exceedingly well. The coating is also provides low reflection, which can be helpful when trying to keep your knife as non-visable as possible. However, it’s main purpose is to keep the blade from accumulating tarnish, a job it does admirably.

The sheath that is provided is equipped with a metal snap, which greatly aids in retention of the knife. Made of nylon, the sheath is double stitched together with a heavy duty plastic liner for the blade to fit into cleanly and comfortably. There is also a pouch attached to the front of the sheath, which can be used to carry an assortment of tools and supplies, such as sharpening stones.

The handle scales included with the knife are made of resilient krayton, a material that will not slip in the hand, even while wet. The scales are removable, and can be replaced with scales made from different materials if preferred. The knife’s handle is contoured so that fingers will fit withing carefully measured grooves, affording a very comfortable grip. There is also an exposed section of the blade near the butt of the handle, where crushing objects is an option, as well as a generous lanyard hole, which can be fitted with paracord.

Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Review: Final Thoughts

All together, my Schrade Extreme Survival Knife Review takes into consideration the totality of the construction and build quality of the knife, but the most important factor, in this case, is the price; as low as $40, which is much cheaper than other knives that use the same materials– and less of it! In conclusion, this knife is excellent for the money, and is one of the most affordable high value knives available in recent years. If you have any comments about our schrade extreme survival knife review, be sure to add your thoughts in the comments section below.