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The TOPS Longhorn Bowie Tactical Knife Review

The TOPS Longhorn Bowie Tactical Knife is arguably one of the most combat-oriented knives in the market today. It was designed and manufactured by Tops Knives, a company that has been in the knives industry for over 16 years manufacturing high performance outdoor and law enforcement knives. Tops Knives was originally constituted by a team of 12 operators who had vast life experiences and extensive knowledge from outdoor professions, military, martial arts and law enforcement. They infused this experience and knowledge in producing mission specific survival knives.

Why Choose the TOP Longhorn Bowie Knife

Unlike the other combat knives, this Bowie Knife has an excellent blend of features that enhance its performance and reliability. Some of its outstanding features are:

Fixed Blade with 6.75 Inch Length

This knife has an overall length of 13 inches an aspect that boosts your confidence when wielding it. Its 6.75 inch blade length gives it better leverage when cutting or slicing. This larger blade length also makes the Longhorn Bowie Tactical Knife more versatile and faster to deploy in all its operations. It is for no reason that many survival knives come with a fixed blade. This type of blade as opposed to the folder is strong in the middle and can easily handle chopping stress. With this type of blade, you will not need lubrication and the knife can never close on your fingers.

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Non-Stainless Steel 1095 High Carbon Alloy

From a glance, the idea of using non-stainless steel as the blade material may seem rather awkward. This type of steel however comes with a powerful combination of other components making it even stronger and more suitable. The 1095 high carbon alloy comprises 0.90-1.03% carbon and a fair composition of manganese measured at 0.30% to 0.50%. The manganese is particularly responsible for the toughness and hardenability of the steel. In addition to its availability at low cost, this type of steel is relatively simple to sharpen and easily takes a sharp edge. To boost its low corrosive property, the knife blade is enveloped with a black traction coating.

Flat Grind and Recurved Edge

From the perspective of seasoned knife expert, the flat grind makes this knife an excelled woodworking and whittling tool. The pronounced bevel allows you to easily follow-through the edge in relation to the grain of the wood. The flat grind is generally easy to sharpen even on a flat stone out in the field.

The recurved edge enhances the cutting efficiency of the Longhorn Bowie Tactical Knife. This is achieved by the shearing action of the knife edge which presents an ever changing angle to the material that is being cut. By allowing you to keep a locked wrist when cutting, this knife effectively transfers a considerable degree of your weight to the cut.

Full Tang Construction

A full tang handle construction is considerably stronger when compared to a partial tang. This survival knife boasts of a full tang which gives it the ability to withstand batoning and chopping pressure without loosening. To counter the heaviness of a full tang construction, the designers incorporated a cosmetic appeal through tapering of the end of the handle and the use of decorative liners. Because of the fact that most modern combat knives come in full tang, this design gives the knife a contemporary and exquisite finish.

Clip Point Blade

This knife derives its penetrative power during stabbing from its clip point blade. The sharp and controllable narrow point at the end of the blade makes this knife a great asset in executing camp chores. Whether you want to skin a large animal or just do some field dressing, you will find this tool useful. The belly of the knife also gives it an ample cutting edge necessary for slicing operations.

Micarta Handle

Micarta is a material generally known for its toughness. It resists splitting and cracking of the handle while at the same time impervious to moisture. In addition the Micarta handle gives the knife an excellent gripping surface that never feels cold.

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Ballistic Nylon Sheath

Unlike the regular nylon material, ballistic nylon is strengthened and made tougher. It is resistant to mildew and can be used even in wet areas because it is not affected by water. A ballistic nylon sheath does not tear easily as opposed to other types of sheaths.

The elegance and the functionality of the TOPS Longhorn Bowie Tactical Knife cannot be disputed. If it was to be improved such that the 1095 non-stainless steel in replaced by a stainless steel version such as 440,440A or 154CM, it could even be more brilliant. However, even in its current state this survival knife is a perfect fit for the wilderness.