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Critical Facts About Tactical Tanto Knives

Sometimes, men need a blade that doesn’t fit the general term for ‘utility blade’. Sometimes, intense physical reinforcement is required during a trying situation, whether that means law enforcement, construction or factory work. Whatever the task may be, you can bet that if you need a stout blade with excellent tip stability and durability, you should take your pick of one of the many tactical tanto knives available today. Both folders and fixed blades are available for purchase. Which dedicated format will you choose? Ease of carry, or durability? For many, it’s a simple choice that leads to the knife that is right for them. How about you?

Finding the Best Tactical Tanto Knives

The purpose behind the tanto design is really very simple; greatly enhanced blade stability during penetration. What does this mean? When stabbing into an object or material, the reinforced tip has a far lesser chance of breaking than a conventional knife tip. Thus, tactical tanto knives make highly efficient stabbing implements. Whether it’s for self defense, or just another day at work, high quality tanto style blades are very dependable and readily available. Because of the recent interest in tactical tanto knives and similar designs, there are many different manufactures who produce a variety of knives in the tanto style.

One of the best tactical tanto knives in production is the Cold Steel Leatherneck Tanto. With a 7” blade made entirely of the German Krupp 4116 stainless steel, and a handle made from krayton, we are given a very effective knife already. Add in the tanto tip, and we’re left with a blade that excels at thrusting and stabbing. Because of the tanto’s secondary tip, the blade will shear into material instead of slicing it as a drop point blade would, enuring less stress is placed on the very tip of the knife. The Leatherneck comes with a substantial kydex sheath, which locks the blade in with both a metal snap and friction. The knife is reminiscent of a KA-BAR knife, but much more appropriate for use as a tactical knife.

A folding example of another member of the tactical tanto knives would be the CRKT Heiho; a folding tanto knife with a spring loaded assist mechanism! This tanto is more similar to the Japanese style of tanto, where the form originated, but nonetheless it retains its functionality as piercing tool. Because of it’s overall slender profile, aided in part by highly polished G-10 handle scales, this knife is very much at home in a pair of fancy slacks as well as jeans or other work pants. An on-board ‘Lawks’ system patented by CRKT can help prevent the blade from closing inadvertently, although the liner lock alone is strong enough to handle regular use. The blade is fashioned out of CR13MOV stainless steel, an entry level steel which lends itself to stain resistance as well as holding a decent edge.

While their function partially depends on their mode of carry, practical tanto knives have a distinct edge above other types of knives when it comes to stabbing and pierce cutting; their strength comes with a second tip, but the benefits are evident. If you need a knife that may someday defend your life, or if you just need a tool that can stand up to some abusive stabbing into hard materials, look no further than tactical tanto knives.