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The SOG Aura Camp Knife Review: Comprehensive Analysis

The origin of the SOG Aura Camp Knife, a targeted outdoor knife for all time survival, can be traced back to the times of the Vietnam War.

Before and during the war, there was a special unit called MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observation Group). In the conduct of their operations, this group used a unique combat knife to wage unconventional warfare. Later, the group was abandoned and replaced with another one called the Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team 158. The MACV – SOG may be long gone but the brand name survives it in the form of combat knives that are great companions for outdoor activities.

Top Features of SOG Aura Camp Knife

Like other knives made by SOG, this survival knife has a number of features that makes it a perfect fit for wilderness survival and operations.

Fixed Blade 6 Inches in Length

The SOG Aura Camp Knife is a large tool measuring 10.95 inches in overall length. This makes it a strong weapon that gives you authority and confidence just by holding it. The blade length which measures 6 inches is categorized under larger blades and gives the knife a better leverage. It is also fast to deploy and more versatile in carrying out the various tasks lying ahead. The fixed blade has an advantage in that it can handle chopping stress because it is very strong in the middle unlike folders.

Drop Point Blade

Looking at the shape of the blade, you can easily recognize the unsharpened edge of the knife that runs straight from the tip part to the handle in a slow and curved manner. This type of blade is very sharp and controllable. It has a wide cutting edge around its belly that makes it great for slicing.

Hollow Sabre Grind

The SOG Aura Camp Knife has a straight edge or rather sabre grind that gives it a modern look. This type of edge makes it excellent for wood working because it has a pronounced bevel that makes it easy to follow the edge of the wood grain. A sabre grind is usually very sharp because it is relatively easier to sharpen and keeps the edge into the material that is being cut. It also comes with a miniature ricasso to enable sharpening. This type of edge gives the knife precision when cutting materials.

7CR13 Mov Stainless Steel Blade

This type of steel is similar to 440A. It has an amazing tensile strength and a combination of hardness and resistance to wear. This type of steel has a considerable level of chromium that makes it hard and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Whenever you sharpen this knife, it takes such a long time retaining the edge before the next re-sharpening.

sog aura camp knife

Zytel Handle

The material that makes the handle of the SOG Aura Camp Knife is zytel. This is a mixture of nylon and fiberglass combined and heated at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The molten mixture is then injected into a form that gives it the desired shape. As a result, this handle material is strong and light in weight while at the same time offering an excellent surface grip. This ensures that it does not slip through your hands even in wet conditions.

Ballistic Nylon Sheath

As opposed to the conventional nylon that is relatively weak, ballistic nylon on the other hand is strong and tough. It is made in the most extreme conditions and is mildew resistant. What this means is that you can use it in wet conditions without the fear of it being affected by the moisture. It carries the strong properties of nylon such as being waterproof and in addition this sheath is relatively quiet when inserting and removing the knife. It is generally scuff and tear resistant.

Lanyard Hole

This knife comes with a nylon lanyard that you can tie around your waist to secure your knife against loss. Also when engaged in hand to hand combat, the lanyard prevent the knife from being wrestled away from you. This ensures that even in the most tasking conditions; you will be assured that your survival knife will be by your side.

The SOG Aura Camp Knife is an excellent survival tool for a variety of outdoor exercises. Being a large blade, you can baton the knife through pieces of wood to help you in splitting them. It is definitely a choice that you will never regret.

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