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Thoughts on the SOG Creed Knife

The SOG Creed Knife is a high performing companion for an amazing jungle experience. The SOG line of knives can be traced back to the Vietnam War where a special unit of U.S. military used a unique combat knife in its mission. The unit which was formed in 1964 was called the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam-Studies and Observations Group.

Its operations included unconventional warfare prior to and during the Vietnam War. Although the group was later disbanded in May 1972 and its place taken by the Strategic Technical Directorate Team 158, the SOG brand lived on.

The SOG Creed Knife

The creed fixed blade knife was designed by SOG as an outdoor line of survival fixed blade knives. It has a variety of features that makes it an excellent companion for combats and wildness expeditions.

Fixed Knife Blade

The SOG creed knife comes with a 7.9 inch fixed blade. As opposed to folders, the fixed blade gives the knife amazing strength and a better leverage. This makes the knife faster to deploy and more versatile in usage. Because of the absence of a joint as is the case in folders, this knife will never cross on your fingers and requires no lubrication for moving parts. Combined with the 7.5 inch blade size, the knife can perform best in chopping, slashing and batoning. Batoning enables you to split and cut through trees and large limbs.

AUS – 8 Stainless Steel Blade

The blade of the SOG Creed Knife is made of stainless steel type AUS – 8 which is hardened to 57-58 Rockwell. This gives the knife an excellent balance of corrosion resistance and hardness. The AUS – 8 steel type contains 0.70% to 0.75% carbon, 0.10% to 0.30% molybdenum, 13% to 14.5% chromium and 0.10% to 0.26% Vanadium. The molybdenum combines with chromium to give the blade abrasion resistance and a shield against corrosion. The Vanadium on the other hand gives the creed knife a fine grain structure that is essential in attaining sharp edges during sharpening.

A Blend of Trailing Point and Clip Point

The blade of this knife can be classified both as a clip point and a trailing point. This unique design enables it to have a sharp and controllable point which is great for piercing. It also has a large belly that gives it plenty of cutting edge. It is optimized for slicing and skinning.

A Straight Edge Blade

This is one of the most common blade edges used in survival knives. It gives the creed knife better precision when using it and can be easily sharpened. This is the reason behind the sharpness of this kind of knife.

A Kraton Handle

The SOG Creed Knife has a handle that is made of Kraton. Being a textured soft rubber, Kraton gives an outstanding grip to this fixed blade knife. Unlike other materials such as leather, Kraton is more resistant to weather conditions. The surface of the handle is checkered with finger groves which makes the knife difficult to slip regardless of how wet or bloody your hands are. This type of handle does not easily crack, split or chip.

Stainless Steel Butt Cap

The butt of this knife also referred to as the pommel, is made of stainless steel. This gives added functionality to this survival knife as the butt can be used in light duty pounding, hammering and driving shelter stakes. The stainless property of the steel guards the butt against getting rusty or stained.

Lanyard Hole

The design of the handle includes a lanyard hole drilled through the far end of the handle. This is very important as it secures the knife against loss. This is because the lanyard hole enables you to tie the knife with the leather sheath. Also, when using the knife in slippery and wet conditions, you can tie a cord and fasten it around your belt. When engaged in hand to hand combat, the lanyard hole prevents the knife from being wrestled away.

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Heavy Duty Leather Sheath

Leather is by all standards one of the most aesthetic material. It looks exceptional and feels comfortable in your hands in addition to its good smell. When getting the knife in and out of the sheath, the leather material ensures calm and quietness. Generally, leather sheath are secure, balanced and comfortable to carry. Their dull and non-reflective surface gives them great camouflage ability.

When compared to other types of survival knives, the SOG Creed Knife is regarded as a versatile and high performing companion. When taking care of well and sharpened regularly, it can serve you for such a long time. It is indeed a great value for money.

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