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Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle

The Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle looks cool and works just the way it looks. Its 7 inch blade is made out of 1095 high carbon alloy and it’s coated with black traction. The handle is made out of Micarta. A Kydex heavy duty casing is included; you can carry this knife horizontally with its cutting edge facing down.

Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle Reviewer:

This best survival knife earned a 4.6 average customer rating. There were less than 10 people who reviewed this item. Most of them however at 88% gave it the highest score of 5 while only one person scored this a 1.

This was indeed the knife to carry along with you as seen in the reviews of customers. One reported that he got interested in this knife when he watched the movie “The Hunted” and found that this was indeed the knife to have when out in the wilderness. This survival knife was better than the other knives he already had. This reviewer did mention however that this wasn’t a fighting knife as also seen in the movies. He found that this knife was very sharp and its feature of saw teeth also made it effective in cutting wood. In addition, he found that this was strong enough for starting a fire with flint which will not affect the blade. This reviewer found that the knife could do everything that he says it can and was satisfied by his purchase. Another reviewer also found that this knife was manufactured in the United States which is a added bonus. He also went on to say that this knife wasn’t just for a survival but a knife that is a useful tool for anything. Many of the reviewers did not that if you’re serious about going out in the wilderness or just to be prepared, this is the knife to have which will aid in securing your survival.

This best survival knife did have certain issues. One found that the blade was a little bit too thick in order to do other things which required a thin blade. Since it is made out of carbon oily, users must keep it oiled to prevent it from oxidizing completely says the same reviewer. He went on to say that the casing may also not work well for those who are left handed such as him. There were a few reviewers who saw that this knife was kind of heavy; but it was heavy so that it can also do some heavy-duty cutting.

This is a knife that was noted to be the best in terms of being a survival knife and many reviewers claimed that. However, in addition, many of the reviewers found that this was the knife to have to do many other kinds of tasks. For its price, it is indeed a reasonable and recommended buy. Serious individuals who love being in the outdoors will want to put this trust in this knife.