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Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge

The Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge under model number 30-000183 is for serious knife handlers. This was made with combat experience of Matt Larsen and knife making experience of Chris Reeve and William Harsey Jr. It’s made with a full tang for strength. The blade is 6.87 inches and overall it measures 12.5 inches. The TacHide handle to provide users with the best grip even when wet. You will also be getting the best as this is made in the United States. This survival knife weighs 11.2 ounces.

Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge Review:

This best survival knife earned an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5. Of the 21 customers who reviewed this knife, 42% of them scored this the highest score of 5 while 57% of them gave it a score of 4.

Many customers liked the same things about this knife. A few reviewers liked how this knife was made with professionals behind it. Just by the look of this knife, some reviewers pointed out that it could easily be seen that it’s a combat knife but with an additional function as a survival knife. A customer mentioned that he takes this knife on his backpacking trips. One reviewer liked it because of its perfect balance and he liked how it had a great grip. A reviewer liked the sheath as well because of it locking device. The knife is secured in it. This reviewer also pointed out that this came with a belt and leg strap to place your knife to keep it handy at all times. Others liked the serrations on the knife which made it easy to cut other things. Also, many mentioned that they liked this knife because it was made in the United States. So many reviewers appreciated the knives that this company is making and looking forward for more.

Several customers thought that this best survival knife was too hard to pull out of the sheath. Others found that it was difficult to reinsert the knife back into its sheath. This is the reason why many customers subtracted one point. One customer thought that it would have been better if the sheath was a little bit more rounded. Another mentioned that it’s difficult with one hand so he uses two. This was a main concern for the customers. Besides this however, they thought that the knife was excellent and had great use as a combat or survival knife. Those who liked the sheath mentioned that it only took practice to be able to remove and insert the knife.

Based on the average customer rating and the reviews, we believe that this is a great knife to have whether for combat or survival. The knife was deemed impressive by many of the customers. Although there is an issue with the sheath for most of the customers that can be replaced by another kind if buyers should have trouble. We believe that the knife should have the main attention and highly recommend it.