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Buck Paklite Skinner Review | Survival Knife Reviews

Hey Guys and Gals. I found this Buck Paklite Skinner at Wally World recently and thought I take it for a spin. I’m not a big fan of all metal minimalist designed knives, which is one reason I almost passed this knife up. But I figured for a $20 bill I could find some use for it, even if it was only to throw in my boat or glove box of my pickup.

Once I got it home and out of the bubble package, which is a freakin’ chore, one which you need a bigger knife for, my first impression of this knife was “flimsy”. Although it doesn’t bend obviously, it just ‘felt’ flimsy. Possibly because of it’s ultra light weight, I dunno.

Next, I noticed that the Buck Paklite Skinner didn’t fit my hand very well. Certainly not as well as I would have liked. If the handle had only been an inch longer, it may not have felt so small and flimsy in my hand.

Two of the biggest benefits I can find about this knife is that, number 1, it’s made in the U.S.A. Number 2, it comes out of the package razor sharp!

This knife is made of 420HC steel, which if you know Buck Knives you know that this steel is what they make most of their knives out of. It’s an older type steel and while it may not be the hardest knife steel on the market today, it has a proven track record of dependable performance. It’s also not so hard as to make it difficult to put an edge on Buck knives either.

The Buck Paklite would make a great Small Game knife. I could see it being perfect for Squirrels and Rabbits as well as for skinning fur bearing animals. It would do an okay job at skinning big game, but you’ll probably want to choke up on the knife to give yourself a little better blade control.

This knife comes with a nylon sheath with a plastic insert to keep you from cutting the sheath to pieces everytime you sheath the knife or take it out.

While this isn’t a knife that I’d carry as a main knife, even if I was small game hunting or day hiking, it is one I’d throw in my pack for a backup. It’s so lightweight, you’d never know it’s there. The knife will hold an edge well and you’ll be able to sharpen it rather easy. Maybe you’ll find use for one of the many cutouts in the knife. The only think I see is that the hole in the butt would make a great place to tie on some para cord.

If you’re looking for a knife that you won’t lose sleep over if you lose it or it walks off, try the Buck Paklite Skinner. I think you’ll find it handy if you do have to use it and lightweight enough that it doesn’t remind you that its there.