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Folding Knives | Best Survival Knife Guide

There are many days where you sit down in the truck or car and try to open a package, but you realize, you don’t have a knife. This is a minor nuisance in the real world. All you have to do is wait until you get home. In another scenario, you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, but you don’t have a knife to help forage for timber. This is a more dire situation that could kill you.

Tactical folding knives come in a variety of sizes, steels and uses. The ideal knife is sturdy, cuts easily and holds an edge. Below you will find the best in class knives that provide the best of all three qualities.

Columbia River Knife and Tool, also known as CKRT, has been producing knives since 1994. They produce some of the highest quality knives that have ever had eyes laid upon them. In this article, we take a look at their knife the M16-14DSFG.

The CKRT M1614DSFG is perhaps one of the best tactical folding knives available on the market. It has a real hilt upon full extension that provides a cozy grip and protects your fingers. As with all of CRKT’s products, this knife comes with a razor sharp edge out of the box. This is also part of their patented automatic locking system that provides you with security against the blade closing upon your fingers.

There is one nuisance about this knife. The holed handle provides a place for dust and dirt to gather, which can be detrimental to its aesthetics. Overall, it is a great knife that you should pick up if you are looking for a functional folding knife.

Next up is the Spyderco Military G-10. This knife is supposed to be the best knife for any military service member. It has got all the benefits of a folder but the edge and durability of a straight blade.

This blade is fairly long. It is almost a full 10 inches long when extended, which mean it is going to almost be as long as a ruler when extended. It can take up a substantial amount of pocket space. Same as the CKRT knife reviewed earlier, it is razor sharp out of the box. In fact, people have cut themselves trying to open it for the first time.

The only downside to this blade is the length of the knife that could be detrimental to certain people. Other than that, it is a fantastic tactical folding knife suit for all occasions.

Last on this list of wonderful knives, but certainly a contender in all regards, is the Kershaw Blur.  It is a knife that will hold its edge for at least six months. This is a no nonsense knife which comes with a razor like edge. The grip on the Kershaw is firm, sturdy and slip resistant.

You probably never thought that a knife could have too secure of a clip, but that is the case with this Kershaw. It has a grip that is so tight, it may tear up your jeans that is the only downside to this blade. Again, an extraordinary knife that could be used for almost any occasion, survival or otherwise.

Tactical folding knives and survival are becoming a reality. If you wanted to be prepared for anything and everything, throw one of these knives in your bug out bag, hunting bag or survival kit. It may be the difference between life or death.